Saturday, October 22, 2005

First and Second Period Homes in Ipswich

I am excited about a new listing I picked up because it is one of the oldest homes in Ipswich. The Daniel Lummus House is on High Street and is situated on 2 lots with a single family and an outbuilding that may have been a barn at one time. I had a local architect who is a member of the historical society come to review some of the period details in the house, since some of the walls had been covered over time with plaster. We found some exciting details behind the plaster on the second floor. There appears to be not only 2nd period walls but 1st period walls as well. This meant more research. At the town library I went to the "Bible of First and Second Period Homes" The Massachusetts Bay Colony. I'm reviewing this information now and it potentially could lead me to another house down the street where parts of the John Lummus House (first period) may have been moved to the Daniel Lummus house. This seems to occur frequently on the High Street row due to many fires during that time. The place has been unkept and not cared for for many will be someone special who loves to restore antiques that will take this beauty under their wing.
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