Wednesday, February 13, 2008 wait a bit more...sorry we can't answer you for over 120 don't qualify...but maybe in a few more months...ARGHHHHH!

Pardon me but I must vetch...after waiting several months to launch regularly scheduled posts on my blog in order to continue following the Daniel Lummus House restoration, I get this lame email from The Blogrush team notifying me that since the Phase I approval and Blogrush's subsequent falling off the face of the earth to conduct Phase II modifications and improvements (the email they sent sounded like a crazed monologue from a CIT dedicated to wearing all black, drinking black coffee, smoking a ton of cigarettes and staying up all me I've known plenty of start-up IT folk since I used to consult them) I was now regrettably unapproved and uninvited to have their little widget on my blogspot due to infrequency of postings. LAME-O excuse.

Whatever happened to the "strict criteria of quality" which they espoused ad nauseum in their emails apologizing for why Phase II was taking so long to complete? And what happened to my help email during Phase I after I had been APPROVED? fell in the circular file I suppose.

Like a child spanked and sent to his/her room I pouted for a minute and then felt compelled to spout about today's internet customer service (or lack thereof). Okay I'm done now. Onto better posts! Cheers.

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jeanne said...

Hi thank you for the invitation I would be happy to do an interview with you.
I have been successfully staging homes on the North Shore for over two years now. 98% of my staged homes have gone under agreement within 30 days, several in a matter of days.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Jeanne Conroy Monaco, ASP