Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Old House Restoration Done the Right Way...

Mat Cummings, well-known for his restoration architectural prowess here in Ipswich and the Cape Ann area is really rocking with some great stuff these days. You may recall he did a structural assessment report for the Daniel Lummus House.

Recently, he and Jim Whidden, a celebrated woodright, scored the Captain Sutton House project on Water Street.

Here is an excerpt from his recent e-newsletter:

The most recent exciting news you may know about is the ca. 1687 Captain Sutton House in Ipswich that we are restoring and expanding with Jim Whidden, a “woodwright” with whom we’ve collaborated on several other projects like Ipswich’s Day-Dodge House and the ca. 1850 Glover’s Knitting Factory (learn more on my website, Recently, the Salem News did a feature story on Jim’s work at the Sutton House (, and we thought you’d enjoy learning more about him. You can learn more about Jim at and I have also created an educational program called “Old House Restoration: How to Do It the Right Way” which we are presenting throughout the North Shore in 2008. The schedule is posted on both of our websites. We do this free of charge at historical societies, small museums, and community groups as a way to educate old house owners and give them a chance to ask questions. We recently provided this seminar at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers in November 2007, and we were a hit!

Anyone who has a passion for antique homes and restoration should log on to the above websites and get informed! Cheers.

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